More on the JCT

More on the JCT

I wish to commend The Jewish Standard for its timely coverage of the positive developments at the Jewish Center of Teaneck. Your article recognized the work done by our leadership over the last six months, which resulted in a clearer statement of our religious orientation as an Orthodox congregation.

The only omission in your coverage relates to our larger communal associations. The Jewish Center of Teaneck has always maintained strong ties with Yeshiva University, which it plans to continue. The late Rabbi Dr. Judah I. Washer was a proud graduate of the first class of Yeshiva College (1932) and a devoted musmach of RIETS. The Jewish Center of Teaneck over the years has sponsored many fund-raising events to support YU’s various schools. Moreover, Rabbi Zierler has remained a loyal and active alumnus of both Yeshiva College and RIETS, from which he received semicha 25 years ago.

In recent years, under Rabbi Zierler’s leadership, we have been honored at the Jewish Center by the presence of both YU’s president, Richard Joel, and Rabbi Zierler’s teacher and mentor, HaRav Dr. Moshe D. Tendler. We look forward to seeing this relationship with yeshiva flourish even more in the years ahead. And we welcome the continued partnership of other organizations such as the Orthodox Union, which has of late supported our efforts by providing the Jewish Center of Teaneck with speakers on timely issues, including Rabbi Menachem Genack and Dr. David Luchins. The Jewish Center of Teaneck is proud of its illustrious history as Teaneck’s first synagogue and looks forward to its vibrant role in the future within this blessed Jewish community.