More on Palin

More on Palin

In response to Harry Lerman’s Jan. 28 letter on President Obama and Sarah Palin, while I agree that it was unfair to blame Sarah Palin for the actions of the Tucson gunman, the fact that she actually drew gunsights on a map over Democratic districts including Rep. Giffords’, the fact that she and others of her party constantly speak in terms of guns, reloading, armed and dangerous, speaks volumes. This is an attempt to intimidate the other side.

As far as agreeing with her, there’s nothing to agree with. She attacks and attacks and attacks and offers nothing of any substance. That Ms. Palin accuses others of blood libel offends me as a Jew. Anyone see any pogroms committed against her lately?

During the 2008 campaign, she accused Obama of palling around with terrorists because he happened to bump into William Ayers, a former member of the Weathermen during the ’60s, at a school function. That’s libel. Obama death panels – more libel.

When her audience during the 2008 campaign screamed out “kill him” referring to Obama, did she even try to calm them down? Does she even try to set the record straight on Obama’s place of birth or does she just let her followers spout their hatred? Obama, a Harvard law school professor, could have gone into private practice and become very rich. Instead he chose to serve his community and his country. Palin couldn’t even complete her term as governor, couldn’t answer a simple question like what does she read, and makes money hand over fist pretending to serve the American people. Ms. Palin spouts her hatred and when she’s called on it immediately plays the victim.