More about Marilyn Henry

More about Marilyn Henry

There were so many good things to write about Marilyn Henry, the journalist and expert on Nazi-looted art (and friend to many) who died March 1, that I ran out of space in the March 5 editorial.

One thing (among many) that I wanted to note was the preface to her 2007 book “Confronting the Perpetrators: A History of the Claims Conference.”

She thanked everybody under the sun (and the moon and the stars) who had helped her in her reporting and research. And then she wrote, “I am, of course, responsible for errors.”

I mentioned this to someone on Sunday, at a gathering to express our condolences to Marilyn’s family but also to celebrate her life.

“That’s so like Marilyn,” the person said – “to take none of the credit but all of the criticism.”

Yes – that was Marilyn, a rare soul who will be, and is already, sorely missed.


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