Morally repugnant donations

Morally repugnant donations

We are appalled at the billions of dollars spent on this election by all sides. How many starving children here and abroad could have been fed with those funds? How many homeless people could have been sheltered? How many jobs could have been created?

We are most appalled at how much Jewish money was expended. Nearly $100 million from just the top five Jewish donors went to the effort to defeat Mr. Obama, based on totals reported by mid-October. The top six donors on the Democratic side donated nearly $14 million by mid-October.

Every Jewish child in this country could have been guaranteed a quality Jewish education with that $114 million. More nursing homes and assisted-living facilities could have been built for the Jewish elderly. Jewish Family Service agencies could have been made financially secure for years to come. The viability of Meals-on-Wheels programs would have been assured.

Where are our priorities? What happened to our values?