Monsey’s Yemenite Jews

Monsey’s Yemenite Jews

A thousand times blessing from Hashem for all those who helped in the past and all those who are helping now (“Organizations pitch in to aid Yemenite immigrants,” Sept. 28).

I have been involved in helping them when they arrived, as well as many families who came from Yemen to the U.S. before the refugee law was approved. Some had real problems with their legal status when they wanted to go work legally. Since the group of refugees were approved by the U.S. government, all other Yemenite families became legal immigrants and they can work and slowly become independent.

The Rambam says that the biggest level of tzedakah (charity) is to help a person find a good job to be able to support himself.

I also want to express many thanks to Rabbi Niederman, who did not answer to reporter’s phone call for some reason. Possibly he is very busy. And thank you all those Jewish organizations who are helping poor families to settle and build a new life here in the U.S. and many thanks to Rabbi Shachna Rubinfien in Jerusalem, who is helping the Yemenite families who are arriving there.