Misunderstanding the rebbe

Misunderstanding the rebbe

I think that Rabbi Shammai Engelmayer’s understanding of the Lubavitcher rebbe’s statement about the theological “explanation” of the Shoah is flawed.

It is my understanding that the Torah does teach the principle that the pursuit of mitzvot promotes good fortune and the (relative) failure to do so promotes the opposite. Among several references see Devarim: 28-30.

However, to claim understanding that any particular mitzvot leads to any particular blessings (or vice versa) any particular failure(s) leads to any; particular misfortune(s)  for any individual or groups or nations across the flow of time represents the most egregious hubris. It is the highest level of self worship and disrespect for God.

This was surely not the intent of the rebbe. I believe that he was merely pointing out mankind’s astonishing ignorance of God’s

See Isaiah 55:8-9.