Married to the Moe

Married to the Moe

If you had ever wondered what it would be like to be married to one of the Three Stooges — or to at least have a copy of their Jewish marriage certificate on your wall — well, you missed your chance.

Last week, Nate D. Sanders Auctions sold the 1925 ketubah, signed by Moe H. Horowitz and Helen B. Schonburger, for $21,889.

The wedding came three years into the vaudeville career of Moe Horowitz, who used the stage name Howard. (His birth first name was Moses, but he signed his ketubah as Moe.)

Mo’s career would continue for nearly half a century, with his final film role being in 1970’s “Kook’s Tour,” (which sadly did not refer to Israel’s first chief rabbi); his marriage continued until his death in 1975, when he was 72.

Also sold at the auction: A weathervane that Schonburger made, and stood on the couple’s home.


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