Making hummus treif again

Making hummus treif again

Who owns the chickpea paste known as hummus? Is it an Israeli dish? A Lebanese specialty?

It turns out that while advocates of Middle Eastern countries were distracted by squabbling for the right to hummus, Americans stepped up to the plate with their can-do attitude and took it over for themselves.

Sorry, Muslims and Jews.

Meet your bastardized American offspring, bacon hummus.

More precisely, “Smoky flavored Bacon hummus, a delicious blend of smoky hummus topped with real bacon” brought to us by Stop-and-Shop’s “Simply Enjoy” brand.

We have no idea how it tastes — though as fans of Sabra’s jalapeno-flavored hummus (that one is kosher), we probably have no standing to complain about cross-cultural chickpea contamination.

But as you can see from the photograph, our friend who discovered the bacon hummus pronounced it good to the last dip.


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