MAGI (Maggie Hikri) Feat. Lea Avraham – Debka Rafiach

MAGI (Maggie Hikri) Feat. Lea Avraham – Debka Rafiach

Mesmerizing debut video from MAGI!

Musician and singer MAGI (Maggie Hikri) has released her debut single Debka Rafiach from her debut album, ALASHOO, produced by Ron bunker (Balkan Beat Box, Aviv Guedj, etc.) The album is scheduled to be released summer 2017.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Maggie grew up in a south-side Yemenite suburb. Singing, dancing and acting from a very young age, she was exposed to the ancient prayers of Yemen, Iraqi and classical Arabic music (Umm Kulthum, Asmahan) that was played at her Iraqi-born grandmother house, and rock and soul music. Her variety of influences provided a connection to traditional Arabic music as a model of femininity and love of life.

Maggie’s diverse sources of inspiration reflect strongly on her debut album, which combines traditional and contemporary styles—a mix of urban, traditional Arabic music, dance and rock—through songs from across the Arab world, as well as Israeli and Jewish music.

During a chance encounter with friends, she met the British producer Juno Reactor, who later invited her to his studio in Brighton and asked her to sing in Arabic. The Arabic poetry performed during that magical session brought back the musical riches, the colors, sensations and smells of her childhood. The sounds evoked a deep connection to her past and opened up new worlds for her. Beyond the spiritual meaning of the Arabic prayers, Maggie unearthed the uplifting, body-shaking and storytelling qualities in the songs, which speak of the simple things in life.

Maggie started performing in Israel, and later in Europe with Juno_Reactor with whom she collaborated on his latest album. She also collaborated with Laroz, Orphaned Land and other artists.

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My day is mine, and my night
And my morning is mine
My yesterday and my evening are mine

The day goes down to the edge of the sea
And the night has already spread out
And I have a cloak of darkness

To the light
To the light
To the light,
the sun will shine for me
The sun will shine for me

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