Love is a human right

Love is a human right

Gay used to have a different meaning – it meant being happy (“Oy vey, my child is gay,” March 27). Human rights is really what we are talking about. The perpetuation of the human race is what we are concerned about. Every individual has the right to determine what person of the same species to spend time with and the duration of that time. God, the Creator, enabled us to have free will in making our decisions.

Today, with modern enlightenment, we can create humans in a different manner than before. Implants were never even considered in the past. As we learn more about ourselves and the wonders of our creativity, we face an unknown future. It is the fear of the unknown that causes man to react negatively to new concepts. Fear is irrational. It solves nothing. It is negative to progress.

Human rights rely on positive thought. Love is expressed in many different ways to so many of God’s creations. If I can love another species of life, why can’t I love a member of my own species? Love is a state of mind that has expression in a multitude of ways, more mental than physical.

Love is a human right and should be thought of in that manner. Marriage is a formality in which early man and woman were not involved. In the Hebrew faith, several words recited to a witness were sufficient for uniting two people. A marriage certificate was unknown. As time progressed did our feeling about “marriage” progress? We soon needed a religious ceremony and then we needed a legal contract. Marriage, without all the paperwork and technicalities, was based on a relationship between two human beings. Man, who wrote and compiled the Torah, decided that in order to perpetuate the human species man should wed woman. (For those who are not in agreement with that statement, I refer you to the reality of the story of mankind, archeological and historical.)

God had no say in the matter and no man speaks for God!