Lord of the Flies in Anatevka

Lord of the Flies in Anatevka

YU's CARE: Going beyond zero tolerance

In his statement last week on the abuse scandal that has rocked Yeshiva University, the institution’s president, Richard Joel, made clear that things are different today.

“At each and every one of YU’s schools, including Yeshiva University High School for Boys, there is zero tolerance for abuse or sexual harassment of any sort, of students, faculty or staff,” Joel wrote. “If, despite our best efforts, they should occur, procedures exist both to swiftly deal with the perpetrators and aid the victims. These policies are posted on our website and are communicated directly to all employees annually.”

Additionally, he said, “Students are encouraged to report any incidents of abuse to the University administration and should feel safe knowing that their security is our number one concern. A hotline exists to enable confidential reporting of such complaints.”

Joel also boasted of “Yeshiva University’s many programs in this area for rabbis, teachers, care providers, community leaders, parents and children,” among them “The Comprehensive Abuse Response Education (CARE) program at YU’s Institute for University-School Partnership [which] works with day schools around the country to keep children safe in their schools by addressing abuse issues with research, training, and consultation.”

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