LISTEN: Tziona Achishena’s Facebook song

LISTEN: Tziona Achishena’s Facebook song

Rings too true


my profile picture looks amazing, at least that much is true/but it’s a cold, cold comfort for the loss of you. since we said goodbye, my appetite’s not great, I’d rather have you in my life, plus a little extra weight. *Cause all that’s left of our connection is on facebook. I can give you a like, but I can’t show you my love. Thanks and praises to the Holy One who made your sweet face; and another chapter in the great book of love.* That selfie that we took is hidden safely away, though I never will forget that strange and special day. and I’m bracing for the time when I see you with someone new, are you wondering if I’m really so happy without you? I can see you from afar, are you watching me too? Oh don’t worry, I promise I am not stalking you. But it’s sometimes so hard to believe that this is true, and though we are not together, I just can’t defriend you. *Cause all that’s left….*How I wish that we could have some more moonlit nights, when we were actually together we were feeling all right. My imagination’s better than this virtual reality, with you on the other side of the screen. Oh their algorithms do not understand that we are through, when I open up my feed, at the top it’s always you. And you’re still there in my favorites, do you see me there too? I’d like to open up a brand new page with you. *Cause all that’s left..*


Tziona Achishena is a singer/songwriter who has been singing for women for the last 15 years. She performs solo and with the band Anhara, and is also a chaplain who uses music for healing. She lives in Tzfat.

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