Levana: O.U. to RCBC and back to O.U.

Levana: O.U. to RCBC and back to O.U.

The Big Lipowsky placed a call to Levana’s today and spoke with the restaurant’s manager. She confirmed that the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County is currently supervising Levana’s catering operations while the New York restaurant undergoes renovations. Because of the renovations, catering services are being run out of a commissary here in New Jersey, which is why the RCBC has temporarily taken over certification. Once the restaurant reopens, which is expected in April, it will again be under the auspices of the Orthodox Union.

So why switch temporarily to RCBC if the restaurant is under the O.U.? Rabbi Menachem Genack, the O.U.’s kashrut administrator, had told me on another occasion that the O.U. does not provide certification in areas where there is an established local kashrut authority. Genack, who is also a pulpit rabbi in Englewood, is a member of the RCBC.

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