Freeholder wants to hear your voice

Here in Bergen County, our parks truly are gems. Some of my favorite memories as a child are playing on the train at Van Saun Park with my grandparents, or swinging from the playground at Wood Dale. But our parks are greater than a backdrop for family gatherings, and they offer far more than just our playgrounds. They are a vital core of recreation, entertainment, and wellness for our almost one million residents, providing respite from our busy lives and enhancing property values.

Since becoming your freeholder, we have engaged in partnerships to offer canoeing and kayaking at Overpeck, increased the number of cultural celebrations and events, offered a free summer concert series at no cost to taxpayers, and most ambitiously began “Winter Wonderland,” offering a safe family environment for ice skating and other winter fun.

We know there is potential to make further improvements and expand our offerings in the more than 35 parks spread across nearly 9,000 acres throughout our 70 towns. We want to ensure that we are putting our precious open space to the best use. Therefore, we are reviewing our master plan and want your input.

Come to our next public meeting, set for January 25 at 7 p.m. at the Valley Brook Golf Course Clubhouse in River Vale, or go to http://cues.rutgers.edu/bergen-park-system/ to fill out the survey. I want to make sure the perspectives of our community are heard in this process, as we seek to enhance the passive and active recreational opportunities for all of our residents.

Tracy Silna Zur
Freeholder Chairwoman
Franklin Lakes

Play by the rules, Donald Trump!

How nice it would be if Donald Trump, the president of the U.S.A. and leader of the free world, would play by the rules.

For one thing, how does he get away with not showing his income tax returns, which every president before him did? How does he get away with not divesting himself from his businesses? The voters have a right to know what his dealings with Russia are, whether he has money abroad, and other related business dealings.

Trump has to separate himself from his ownership, which is in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution. The interpretation of the Justice Department notes that the president of the United States cannot be in the position of receiving gifts from foreign leaders, or having any of his holdings profit from doing business with foreign diplomats.

By saying his children will run the business, who is he kidding? The sons can pick up a phone and discuss a deal with him at any time.

Donald Trump is not an honest person. He is a bully, who has to get in the last word whether it be to the cast of “Hamilton” or to Meryl Streep. I guess he has nothing else on his mind but a minimum of words one can only tweet!

How much nicer it would be if Trump could once take the high road and not tweet back nonsense to those who don’t like him. He has disdain for the press. He knows nothing about the Constitution. He has absolutely no political acumen.

What kind of president will he make? He will not make this country great again. What a sad commentary on our country.

Grace Jacobs
Cliffside Park

Peaceful transition of power

Our cherished democracy encourages vigorous promotion (or opposition) towards policy issues that are important to us. However, fervent attacks on the personality, style and “legitimacy” of the new president merely serve to undermine his ability to govern. This, in my opinion, represents a threat to our democratic system.

The peaceful transition of power is a sacred tradition of our glorious republic.

Jerrold Terdiman MD
Woodcliff Lake


There were two errors in a story from the January 6 issue, “Do we have to forgive?” Bella Miller’s husband was Edward Miller. Mr. Miller died in 2015.

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