An unforced error

In his op ed, “An unforced error and real estate sales,” (March 22), Mark Lurinsky begins his thoughts with a glaring omission. Analysts, he states, refer to “two probable objectives” for Hamas’s October 7 attack. Neither includes the Hamas Charter declaration to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and restore complete Muslim control.  He, like Biden and his administration, fails to accept the terrorists at their words and actions.  The leaders of Hamas have stated that they will destroy Israel, and October 7 will be repeated time after time after time until this is accomplished.

We then read of  Biden’s “unshakable support” and his “vision for a peaceful postwar future” for Israel with the Muslim world.  Under his unshakable support, Biden has reportedly refused to supply Israel with necessary armaments, he set a red line that Israel must not cross in their waging of war, a “red line” that will guarantee the survival and rebirth of Hamas, and the agreement by Israel that they will abide by decisions made by the U.S. about how weapons being supplied will be used.

Mr. Lurinsky then discusses the “Israeli-occupied West Bank.”  His writings give his view of reality and are completely valid as long as one doesn’t know the rest of the story.  There are two major agreements concerning the West Bank or Judea-Samaria, depending on which title one wants to use.  Under the U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 (1967) Israel will meet bilaterally with those it fought and negotiate their future borders.  Israel is not required to return to the 1967 borders; according to 242, adjustments can be made.  The other agreement was the Oslo Accords, dividing the area into three parts, A, B, and C.  Area C will be under full Israeli control.  Any building on Area C land that is not privately owned by Arab Palestinians is forbidden, unless okayed by Israel. If buildings are erected illegally, they can be destroyed. East Jerusalem has been incorporated into the State of Israel and functions under full Israeli law.  The rampage by settlers in Huwara was retaliation precipitated by the murder of a father and son who had gone there for work on their car and were shot while at a car wash.  The Israeli settlements “found to be illegal under … international law” have been declared illegal by those opposed to Israel being in the disputed territories, not by any court of law.

The fact that the terrorists embedded themselves within civilian areas means that there will be collateral casualties. The demands made by Biden and others that Israel avoid civilian casualties can only occur in two ways.  First, the terrorists move out of civilian areas, or two, Israel stop trying to destroy them.  If Israel wants to have a chance to live in peace, Hamas must be destroyed.

Finally, Mr. Lurinsky misrepresents the event that took place in Keter Torah. The event was held to inform anyone interested in renting or purchasing property in Israel with the necessary information on what would entail to do so. Those interested in living across the Green Line, for example in Ma’ale Adumim, were able to meet and get the necessary information. This real estate meeting sought to eliminate the chance of “Buyer beware!” The settlements in the disputed territories are not being expanded, but additional housing units are being built within their borders.  As mentioned earlier, under UNSCR 242, negotiations between the P.A. and Israel, will decide where the recognized borders will be.  Until then the area will be “occupied.”

Despite President Biden’s declaration, the top priority of Prime Minister Netanyahu, his coalition government members, and the people of Israel is the survival of Israel and their people to live in safety and security.

Howard J. Cohn
New Milford

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