Profiles in courage

What a quaint difference of opinion by Bradley Landon and Rabbi Engelmayer (Letters, September 21). So 1990s, discussing who is responsible for inflation, overspending, debt, Israel.

Actually what both should be focused on 100% on Election Day is the movement to overthrow democracy, the desecration of the Capitol, the violence of January 6, and the nationwide attempt to stop people from voting, to convince uninformed voters that their vote didn’t count, to encourage violence at the voting booth, threats to kill innocent poll workers, to make certain that losers can be winners by people who don’t like election outcomes. Are you really comparing that to the BLM movement?

With the exception of two brave Republican representatives (and those who chose not to run again), one of our two major political parties has taken to hiding in the weeds and letting events spin out of control out of fear of not being re-elected or being called names — the lure of being in power is just so seductive. Such profiles in courage!

If any other ex-president (imagine Obama), elected official, or citizen pulled any one of the stunts being perpetrated right now, he or she would already be in jail.

The puppeteer behind this disgusting movement should be tried for treason.  He is a traitor to everything we believe in. The media outlets giving aid and comfort to these unpatriotic criminals should have their license to broadcast suspended and their foreign owners deported.

This isn’t a free speech matter.  It is yelling “fire” in a theater, then enjoying the panic that follows.

Patty Baumann

Fight to protect Jews, not to vilify Israel

In his opinion piece “Two annexations” (October 20), activist and J Street steering committee member Mark Lurinsky compares Israel’s actions vis-a-vis the Palestinians with Russia’s brutal, unprovoked land grab from a sovereign nation, as if the two situations are in any way similar. At one point he actually states that the situation with Israel and the Palestinians “is only slightly less dreadful for the world” than Russia’s dangerous threats and actions. He goes on to excuse Palestinian terrorism as “the recourse of the weak” and laments that Israel has been progressively erasing the “green line” border, famously called “Auschwitz borders” by Abba Eban.

At a time when antisemitism is on the rise, I invite Mr. Lurinsky to fight the good fight and add his voice to the effort to protect Jewish institutions and the safety of Jewish university students rather than expending so much time and effort on vilifying Israel.

Robert Isler
Fair Lawn

Thank you, Leah

Thank you for allowing Leah Adler to cover the Inspired by Ilona panel (“Cherishing and respecting relationships,” Sept. 12).  Leah captured the background and intention of the program just perfectly in her beautifully written article. The event was marvelous.  Shomrei Torah was packed, with about 300 people — every seat was taken — and there were over 300 people streaming it on their devices.  The Penners were loving, genuine and honest about the way they deal with one another and it was beautiful to see them model a deeply loving relationship.

Thank you for your support. The service you perform to keep our community informed is just priceless.

Warmest regards,

Irene Gottesman
Fair Lawn

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