In defense of AIPAC

Debbie Schlossberg writes that J Street has created a pledge never to endorse a candidate “who upheld the Big Lie that Donald Trump won the election” (“Who speaks for the American Jewish community?” April 22). That doesn’t seem much of a stretch for a leftist organization like J Street. I’d be much more impressed if they pledged never to support anti-Semites, even if they are Democrats. J Street seems to exert far more effort in defending Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib than it does in defending Jews from bigots on the left, of which there does seem to be an inexhaustible supply.

The difference between J Street and AIPAC is that AIPAC really is a non-partisan organization, while J Street is a partisan ally of the Democrats. J Street has never endorsed a single Republican while AIPAC endorses Democrats all the time.

Mark Mandell, MD
Lake Hopatcong

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