Goldberg was arrogant,
offensive, and racist

Rabbi Boteach’s defense of his friend Whoopi Goldberg motivated me to write a response. (Whoopi Goldberg was wrong on the Holocaust but right about Jews not being a race,” February 11). The rabbi correctly notes that the Jewish people are a diverse group in terms of their skin color and countries of origin. Judaism is a religion; however, without question, it is also a race of people with common culture and common ancestors. We specifically trace our heritage to one family of holy people who brought monotheism and much of morality to the world. The current custom of considering only the mother in the inclusion of progeny is to preserve and protect the spiritual and genetic traits of that people from the common practice of rape and intermarriage during our many occupations. While we joyfully admit anyone willing to make the arduous commitment to our faith, it is clear we ourselves and the world recognizes us as distinct by the life we chose to live and our genetic heritage.

Whoopi Goldberg, who interestingly took on a Jewish name to facilitate her career, clearly lacks the sensibility and common knowledge that the Jewish people are a separate and special group, designated as such in the Bible and recognized as such worldwide for thousands of years. We are both a religion and a race and have suffered far more discrimination than any other in history. Any doubt about what Jews are considered can be clarified by reading the Nuremberg Race Laws, which defined a Jew as someone with only one Jewish grandparent. Many devote Christians were sent to the death camps because they were 12.5 percent genetically Jewish. As a national commentator, Ms. Goldberg’s remarks about the Holocaust were shockingly arrogant and offensive, and correctly recognized as racist.

Ben Chouake, MD
National President, Norpac

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