The great gray bridge

What a special pleasure to read Tzivia Bieler’s reminiscence of her outing to “The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge” with her teenage grandson (“To the lighthouse,” October 1). Especially at his age, I’m so glad he appreciated the experience of being at the century-old site – if only to take photographs, but hopefully as a highlight of his trip to the US this summer,

This was my favorite book from kindergarten at Maugham Elementary School in Tenafly, many decades ago. I have treasured the story all my life, and as a substitute teacher, often in a pre-K or K class, I always have the book with me, in case there’s time for “a good read” that the teacher probably doesn’t have on the shelf.

Even in Morris County, most of the children have been over the George Washington Bridge, so connect with the story’s location, if not its deeper meaning (which we do discuss).

Hopefully, the children will now look for the Little Red Lighthouse as they cross the bridge, as I still do. Thank goodness it was preserved and even attained well-deserved National Historic and landmark status. It is a treasure.

Ilene Dorf Manahan


Parsippany, not Morristown!

In the Page 3 story about Jared Isaacman (“Jared Isaacman goes where only two Jersey Jews have gone before,” September 24) Larry Yudelson writes that Garrett Reissman grew up in Morristown.

I believe that is incorrect. As a former teacher at Parsippany High School in Parsippany, I am proud to say that Garrett graduated from PHS.

Just want to brag about one of our own!

Jan Gruber

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