‘Get Real or say nothing…’

The purpose of your Bill Hemmer quote? To embarrass him/FOX NEWs? I suggest you do the same-check quotes from CNN about Cuomo the “Love Gov!” How did THAT age? Your obsession with the continuing bashing the Right or anyone affiliated with the Right is remarkably “distasteful” ESPECIALLY with what the President has done now in Afghanistan! Get your priorities straight. OUR country needs no more of your petty devisive cutsie remarks. I’ve had it with your obvious one sided jaded “reporting”….let’s see how you handle the HUGE debacle this President has created HIMSELF – let’s not continue to blame others of previous administrations-he did not listen to Intelligence, his Advisors, or ANYONE. This is all on HIM. Get Real or say nothing, (which apparently is what many news outlets are doing-ignoring the big Taliban threat we now have to worry about and only report on Covid boosters.) There is no more objectivity in the news! What a sad commentary!

Vicki Squires

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