Thugs at the Kotel

Instead of Prime Minister Bennett bemoaning the absence of religious freedom on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, why does he not instead focus on the more conspicuous absence of religious freedom and religious pluralism at the Kotel, aka the Wailing Wall, where the State of Israel exercises absolute control? (See page 19.)

There, non-Orthodox Jews are on a good day treated as second class citizens and most recently were endangered by charedi thugs for exercising their right on Tisha B’Av to mourn that day in the only place affording an egalitarian way to pray at this revered space.

It is a disgrace that Jews enjoy less religious freedom in Israel than is otherwise afforded the Jewish people in the rest of the Western world.

Richard R. Kahn

Stand up for democracy

There are two different types of Americans. The majority are patriots, like me, who believe in democracy. The others, a vociferous minority, are American fascists, who yearn for a dictatorship in 2024 by Trump or one of his clones. This must never happen or else that will be the end of 248 years of democracy.

So, Americans, get out and vote for democracy in 2024 and knock out the voting restrictions imposed by the Republican Party, an anti-American political party, which should be banned.

Dick Burnon

Against critical race theory

To say that I was DISGUSTED when I heard the speech by Randi Weingarten, head of the AFT, one of the largest teachers unions, lauding Critical Race Theory, would be a grossly understatement of my feelings. From what I understand, CRT is a reverse Jim Crow philosophy with a distortion of history thrown in to add “veracity”. To picture my Union or any group promoting racial hatred, distortions and divisions is almost unthinkable. Unfortunately this seems to be what the future portends, in areas where it has not already taken hold.

These ideologues are pushing us into situations that we have seen before in Germany, the USSR, it’s satellites and Communist China. I wish that I could say that the “Reeducation Camps” are on the horizon but they or their surrogates are already here.

It seems that the only “silver lining” will be the many parents and others who have been awoken to fight the aberration of this bigotry. Schools and local School Boards are now facing scrutiny.

Hopefully the UFT, all other organizations and the Jewish Federations will denounce and not work for the implementation of CRT or the same indoctrination program under different names, anywhere. “Honest History”, as CRT was described by Weingarten, cannot be built on the distortion and presentation of skewed information. All leaders within our communities must ensure that this indoctrination is not presented in any of the educational programs supported by our synagogues or any other Jewish groups.

Howard J. Cohn
New Milford

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