Teaneck Hackensack Hadassah lives

We are co-presidents of the Teaneck Hackensack chapter of Hadassah. In “Writing what you know” (May 21) there was a mention that our chapter no longer functions. Please be aware that because of the covid we were unable to conduct meetings. However we are continuing to raise funds to support the many needs of our hospitals, children’s homes, and medical research.

Our card and certificate chairperson has been sending and selling these items. Our members have been reaching out and contributing to help Israel. In addition, we are adding new members and new associates to our chapter. Please feel free to contact me and my co-president for information that you would like to discuss and to support our chapter.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the first meeting that we will be able to schedule when the covid restrictions are no longer in affected

Minette Salesman
Kitty Seiffer
Co-presidents, Teaneck Hackensack Hadassah

Raise a peace flag

Regarding “And see who salutes: Teaneck’s Israel flag-raising ceremony postponed amid controversy and protests” (Jewish Standard, May 21): Given that Teaneck is a diverse community, including both passionate supporters of Israeli government policies and others who passionately support Palestinian opposition to those policies, how can our Town Council, that is supposed to represent the feelings and needs of all, clearly support one side of this issue and ignore the other?

Seems like the proverbial “ignoring the elephant in the room,” i.e., “ignore your neighbors because they are not yourselves.”

The Israeli flag, even if called something else, is patently identified with one side of this awful conflict. To be fair, if it is to be raised, should not the other side’s flag also be raised? Maybe best would be to raise both, with a flag representing peace in the middle.

Better still, maybe only raise the peace flag—and inform the two sides that the moment they solve their discord, both their flags will immediately be raised to join the flag of peace.

Art Lerman

No peace with Hamas

Once again, Israel has accepted a ceasefire with Hamas, leaving Hamas intact. This was a huge mistake. Hamas has stated that its goal is the annihilation of Israel as a Jewish state, and the murder of every Jew, throughout the world. (Read Hamas’s charter.) Accordingly, there have been many ceasefires in the past, and each time, the result has been the same: Hamas rebuilt its strength and then renewed its attacks.

There is only one way to end this cycle and achieve real peace. Hamas must be utterly wiped out. To be clear, every Hamas fighter must be killed. The only way to do this is for Israel to launch a massive ground invasion of Gaza and hunt out Hamas building by building, room by room, as the United States Army did in Falluja, making every reasonable effort to minimize civilian casualties. After they are all killed, Gaza should be returned to the Palestinian Authority.

Then, the Palestinian Authority must recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State (emphasis on Jewish). Only then can real peace talks begin. As President Biden recently said, until the Palestinians and the entire region recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State, there can be no peace.

Aaron Fishbein

It’s a pipe dream

Upon my reading, “This didn’t have to happen” (May 28), I wondered, is this thinking for real? Unfortunately it is and he is not alone.

I’m not sure if Mr. Levine doesn’t realize that there is a simple solution to making sure that the current problems in Israel, don’t happen or it don’t keep happening in the future. For the followers of his thoughts and those of J Street, the solution? Eliminate Israel and have the Jews and others live as subservients under Islam.

His proposal that our government is capable of ending the Israeli-Arab problems under the leadership of Biden can largely be described as a “Pipe Dream”. According to him we must end the damage done by President Trump. Examples; the moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the discontinuation of groveling to the U.N., the cutting off of funding to various U.N. institutions, the closing of the PLO offices in Washington, the assistance in initiating the negotiations and agreements signed between Israel and various Arab and Muslim nations are just a few.

Under Levine’s “Messiah”, we had promises of changes in foreign policy once Biden is elected. What did we get or will get? An Iran going full blast towards nuclear weapons, Arab or Muslim States that had been moving toward agreement with Israel halting negotiations, Hamas bombing Israel with the expectations that the U.S. will curtail Israeli retaliations, rejoining and re-funding the U.N. organizations that Trump left, the opening of PLO offices in Washington, the reopening of the U.S. Consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem (a violation of U.S. Law), the funding of the rebuilding in Gaza to reward their attacks on Israel, amongst other J Street longed for and praiseworthy actions.

This article articulates just some of the policies of J Street. To those in agreement, WAKE UP!

Howard J. Cohn
New Milford

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