More Rabbi Boteach, please

I second the opinion in the letter sections of the Jewish Standard, “In Support of Rabbi Boteach” July 12, 2019. I, for one, may not agree with or like all the articles or statements written in the Jewish Standard. However, this does not and should not limit the information that is written or available to the public. The act of limiting information or de-platforming is the beginning of a very dangerous process. Simply because people do not agree does not mean that voice should be silenced.

Diane Nielson

No more Rabbi Boteach, please I

I admire and enjoy reading the Standard. It is rewarding to have access to the many points of view across the diverse spectrum of Jewish thinking. Your columnists and their essays are thoughtful and informative.

There is one exception — Shmuley Boteach. Please reconsider providing Shmuley Boteach space. Boteach is not my rabbi nor is he America’s rabbi. He is simply a self-interest marketing rabbi. Who else would claim to be “America’s Rabbi?”

It’s not a question of free speech. As a self- promoter, he adds little to useful dialogue or discussion.

Rhoda Schermer

No more Rabbi Boteach, please II

Please add my voice to the growing chorus of subscribers who are calling for the removal of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from your opinion pages. I am not averse to reading opinions that differ from my own. When well researched, reasoned, and articulated, these opinions can educate and extend one’s sphere of influence.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Boteach’s editorial screeds are none of these. His fundamentalist views leave no room for compromise or consideration of alternate viewpoints. His columns are loaded with personal attacks against those who disagree with him, as well as self-promotion, aggrandizement, and celebrity name-dropping. To what purpose? None for me. It’s time to let him go and replace him.

Paul C Mendelowitz, M.D.
Park Ridge

Our broken health care system — and some deserved kudos

WE WON! You certainly did — and deservedly so! Yes, five awards are certainly a lot—-especially in print!

More importantly, the Oded story (“Oded Grinstein’s lemonade,” July 12) brought tears (of joy!) for his tenacity, prompt action, and wisdom. Kudos for the meticulous detail in reporting this saga!

Sadly, our broken health system only complicates matters when health has endangered a life — especially of an infant. And yes, when you need to identify the “guru” with specialized medical knowledge and experience, more often than not and without divine providence the task is often insurmountable.

Ed Ruzinsky
Saddle River

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