CUPON is not anti-Semitic

Larry Yudelson’s “A Scary Time for Us” (January 25) is an example of biased, unfair, and negligent journalism that is more often than not the norm these days.

Mr. Yudelson’s piece advances the notion that any citizen’s group in Rockland County that objects to the sale to or development of property by a Jewish organization is de facto anti-Semitic, and subtly tars any concerned member of our community with that insult. We at CUPON (Citizens United to Protect Our Neighborhood) of Greater Nanuet categorically reject anti-Semitism in all its forms and we have made it clear since our formation that we will not tolerate bias against anyone on the basis of their race, religion, or ethnic background. 

We understand that anti-Semitism is a real threat to Jewish communities here and nationwide, but we take great umbrage at the suggestion that our group, whose primary concern is how our small town will be affected by over-development, projects that weaken its infrastructure, traffic, and environmental hazards, among many other civic issues, is operating out of prejudice and hate.

CUPON of Greater Nanuet cannot control the thoughts and speech of every member of Nanuet’s large and diverse community. Can the Jewish communities Mr. Yudelson writes about control all of their members? We have, however, made it abundantly clear that we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind and that our aim and primary purpose is to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of our residents.

Mr. Yudelson did not give CUPON of Greater Nanuet the courtesy of an interview (even though our group was willing to speak with him) and chose instead to write a piece that peddles hearsay and uses the actions of a few outliers and social media trolls as support for his assertions of anti-Semitism. In fact, the article reflects the kind of bullying that the people he did interview so passionately decry.

We hope the Jewish Standard will do better in future coverage.

CUPON of Greater Nanuet

Thank you, Jewish Standard

Reading many articles about the current decline (nay, demise) of the print newspaper, I want to thank you for your news, views, and reviews, mainly about this area of North Jersey, but often about national and international news.

Your stories are truly welcomed, read, and appreciated. The advertisements are attractive, the insight on local Jewish life and comments on the Jewish world are particularly cogent and enjoyed (even though I often disagree with some of them). How pleasant it is to open the paper manually, cut out some suggestions (including recipes), and share opinions read with my husband (even though I sometimes disagree with him also!!).

Thank you again — and again….

Edie Sobel
Fort Lee

Ms. Sobel is a former editor of the Jewish Community News of Passaic and Bergen counties.

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