Let’s have a referendum

I believe that POTUS and Congress are playing a game of chicken over the explosive issue of the security wall along our southern border. They are not competent to resolve this conundrum in the best interest of our country.

They appear to be obsessed with the goal of victory and political power.

I therefore am convinced that the voting public should have the final say via a national referendum.

I am not an expert on referendums. However, my understanding is that an issue is presented to the electorate. The opposing sides then campaign vigorously for their view. The informed public (not Congress or POTUS) then vote their (majority) decision.

I believe that there is no precedent or protocol for this in our history, but I assume that it would be very similar to any national election. (We know that the British did a recent referendum over the issue of Brexit.)

We need to settle this critical and polarizing conflict which threatens to paralyze our government.

Jerrold Terdiman M.D.
Woodcliff Lake

Giuliani has no integrity

I can’t get over how former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has lost all integrity. His comments describing Joe Biden as “a moron” and “a mentally deficient idiot” are despicable.

It is hard to believe that at one time, Giuliani was a zealous prosecutor and referred to as “America’s Mayor.” He has a problem speaking truthfully — must be catching from the lying commander-in-chief in the Oval Office.

Giuliani bashes the Justice Department by saying it is “framing the president,” and when he was abroad, he continued bad-mouthing our justice system. He is shameless.

Rudolph Giuliani is a disgrace to his profession.

Grace Jacobs
Cliffside Park

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