Left betrayed us

Left betrayed us

A “fiscal conservative” is not necessarily a Tea Party activist, despite Shammai Engelmayer’s suggestion in his Sept. 2 column. There are many people who are fiscal conservatives without belonging to the Tea Party. Engelmayer is disturbed “with the fascination many Jews today have for the political right.” He shouldn’t be. Perhaps it is because they feel betrayed by the political left. FDR, who was worshipped by American Jewry, made no attempt to rescue any part of European Jewry before and during the Holocaust.

And today, perhaps because of the anti-Zionism and pro-Palestinian agendas of the left, some American Jews are changing their long-held political affiliations.

The Torah is not a political document. It does teach us, among other things, how we should conduct our lives, but not for which party we should vote. To even imply that Leviticus, Chapter 19, does in fact do that, as Rabbi Engelmayer does, is wrong.