Laughing to the bank

Laughing to the bank

In response to Dr. Gross’ letter concerning the Xmas tree in his bank, I would like to offer an alternative viewpoint.

Christmas is the engine that drives the U.S. retail economy. Christmas provides the livelihood, and fortunes that in turn support countless shuls, yeshivas, and charities of all types in the United States and in Israel.

It has never been the Jewish way to have large, bright, ostentatious symbols of our religion. In contrast to homes wrapped in lights, and reindeer on the lawn, large decorated trees in Macy’s and the mall, we have our little menorah in our warm living room.

We know what we have and we don’t have to compete with advertisements. So, when I’m in the bank and see the lit tree, I’m a little annoyed, but inside I’m grateful, and laughing all the way out of the bank.