Lamdeinu’s spring semester begins

Lamdeinu’s spring semester begins

Lamdeinu, a center for Jewish learning, will begin its spring semester on Monday, January 30. Its dean, Rachel Friedman, will teach Parshanut HaMikra Bereishit: Avot ve-Imahot on Mondays and Finding Meaning in Prayer on Wednesdays. Rabbi Hayyim Angel returns to Lamdeinu on Monday afternoons to prepare for the holidays; he’ll teach Megillat Esther and Haggadat Pesach. Rabbi Daniel Fridman is teaching Masekhet Kiddushin on Tuesday afternoons and Parashah and Haftarah pointers on Thursday afternoons. Lamdeinu welcomes back Rabbi Gedalyah Berger on Thursday mornings to teach Hilchot Shabbat: Theory & Practice. On Monday morning, February 27, there will be a rosh chodesh Adar celebration.

New students are welcome to join any class. Lamdeinu, a center for Jewish learning founded by Rachel Friedman, is housed at Congregation Beth Aaron, 950 Queen Anne Road, in Teaneck. For more information, go to www. or email

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