Lady Gaga’s Israeli Shoe Designer Will Blow Your Mind

Lady Gaga’s Israeli Shoe Designer Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for an outlandish pair of high heels? Check this video out and see which styles you can walk in.

In 2011, Israeli Shoe Designer Kobi Levi received a phone call that changed his life. Pop singer Lady Gaga’s studio executive ordered several pairs of Levi’s custom made “Double Boots” for the singer to wear in her upcoming music video “Born This Way.” At first, the Tel Aviv shoe designer thought it was a practical joke by friends.

His real problem was he had no idea what to charge the celebrity pop star  since for the last 14 years he hadn’t a one single sale! His over the top creations were just sitting in his apartment, collecting dust.

Now, Levi’s outrageous shoe styles are in demand, especially in the US. Glamour and Marie Claire magazines have written him up, as well as CNN and other news channels. Of course, his styles are an acquired taste. There are twisted flamingos, a curved porcelain coffee pitcher, a banana, and many more.  Levi likes to mix art and design while making his creations. Every design is handmade. He tells everyone that his shoes aren’t made to be comfortable for your feet. The styles are for everyone around to comment on how beautiful they are.



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