Kudos and a kick

Kudos and a kick

My compliments to you for the face-to-face columns you published in the Sept.2 issue concerning the Tea Party. Heather Robinson argued that the Tea Party is not anti-Semitic. Rabbi Engelmayer pointed out that it nevertheless espouses anti-Jewish values concerning government actions. In the same way, while it is not racist, it is opposed to the interests of the poor.

Robinson suggests that we need a unifying force to bring us together by combining ideas from all sides. If she is implying that the Tea Party could be such as force, I must strongly disagree. The Tea Party listens to no one else, as was evident from the debate on the debt ceiling and as attested to by Lola Weber in her letter to the editor of Sept. 9. These are not centrists. They are on the right wing of the Republican party.

On a completely separate topic, I have a complaint. In your Sept. 9 issue, there is an excellent article about the summer of protests in Israel. Yet, we saw very little coverage of this movement in The Jewish Standard this summer. I hope that in the coming weeks you will more thoroughly report on the protest’s consequences and further developments.