Kingship is just human

Kingship is just human

Rabbi Orenstein seems to be oblivious to the history of the Jewish people (D’var Torah, August 9). Has she forgotten that Samuel had to plead with God regarding a king for the children of Israel? There was no thought of Israel having a king in the time of Moses. As for God being our king, the idea of kingship is man’s, not God’s. God is our world’s creator, much greater than the concept of kingship.

We, according to our prophets, are not royal in nature, and God is the God of all human beings, not just the Jews. The only power we have is that given to us humans by God. All sources of power were and are given to us by God’s creation.

I would tell a child that the words of the Prophets are the key to a Jewish life.

God’s words, through his prophets, have greater import than the words of man in any of man’s written works in our lives and the lives of others. We relegate the haftorahs to a minor role in our prayer services, but their messages are of as great or greater importance and relevance than even reading the words of the Torah or the Talmud.