Kidspiration Art

Kidspiration Art

A New Father-Daughter-Daughter Business

The Stein family in Bergenfield was looking for motivational and inspirational artwork for their daughters’ rooms. Yet there was nothing to be found. “In our society, a lot of the artwork seems to focus on the fact that success is only achieved when making money or when you can buy a luxury brand,” said Marc Stein, broker and owner of Links Residential. “I want my girls to grow up knowing that success is about doing good for others and being happy with who you are.”

Feeling inspired, Stein’s two daughters—Abigail, 11, and Rebecca, 9—suggested they create their own wall art business. And with that, Kidspiration Art was born! The girls help create art images based on their Kidspiration Kriteria: Does the art: Promote a positive mindset? Focus on doing good for others? Inspire you to dream big? Push you to set goals?

The business sells artwork created by graphic designers. Their first line is the “Be” Line, as in Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Magical. This collection has connected with many children, as well as teachers, psychologists and life coaches who have purchased artwork for their offices.

“I wanted to start Kidspiration Art so that I can help other kids remember that they can be anything that want to be and push themselves to be better every day,” says Abigail, a 6th grader at Yeshivat Noam.

Her sister and business partner, Rebecca, a 3rd grader at Yeshivat Noam, added, “My favorite thing about KidspirationArt is the bright colors because they help me remember all the good things in my life.” Check out their artwork at

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