Keeping busy

Keeping busy

The recent storm left many of Teaneck families without power for days and even weeks. Although much has been written about how to prepare for and manage through such a difficult time, the advice has come largely from officials and adults. As Girl Scouts, we pledge to be “…friendly and helpful, considerate and caring…”, and so we want to pass along our ‘kids to kids’ advice for what to do the next time the power goes out. All of these ideas were ‘kid-tested’ during Sandy, and we hope they prove as useful to you as they did to us.

Keeping busy:

· Have a dance-off. If you don’t have batteries to play music, try singing.

· Spread a blanket on the floor and make jewelry with beads.

· Read books.

· Play ‘shadow puppets’ with a flashlight.

· Volunteer as a mother’s helper or to walk pets for a neighbor.

· Play telephone or broken telephone (people get really silly in the dark).

· If you play an instrument, give your family a concert.

· Play “Would you rather…?”

· Keep a diary of how everyone manages.

· Help your parents clean out the fridge.

· Take out all the non-electronic toys from the toy closet.

· Go to a park, mall, or friend’s house that has power.

What to eat:

· Plan fun menus around a theme – one ‘P’-menu was peanuts, potatoes and peas.

· Enjoy ice cream soup.

· Make instant oatmeal with raisins, craisins or other fruit.

· Cut up veggies and fruits and dip in non-spoiling dressings or peanut butter.

· Roast hot dogs, marshmallows and potatoes in the fireplace.

Other advice:

· Before a storm, pack a bag of things you like to do so you can find everything without lights.

· Have a battery-operated radio.

· Tape the refrigerator shut so you don’t keep opening it by accident.

· Use tea lights in holders that let the light shine out.

· Use battery-powered holiday candle decorations as nightlights in the bathroom.

· Sleep in the same room as other people in the family for comfort and warmth.

· Fill an insulated bag with ice to keep a few important things like milk.

· If it is cold outside, keep food in a box in the trunk of your car.

Most important:

· Stay safe.

· Share whatever you have – for example: generator, heat, gas cooking, hot water.

· Thank all the officers, emergency workers and power crews!