JWV invites veterans to join

JWV invites veterans to join

Thank you, Jewish Standard, for your June 5 editorial “Paying tribute.”

Your readers should be advised that the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, as an organization, has established and supports the National Museum of American Jewish Military History in Washington, D.C. This facility will forever serve proof to future generations how Jews have served their country and continue to serve it.

A visit to the West Point Jewish Chapel proudly displays the names of each year’s Jewish graduates, starting with the first graduating class of 1802, when 50 percent of the class was Jewish. Thirteen Jews were part of the 2009 graduating class. The Jewish War Veterans of the USA was an active participant in sponsoring and promoting the construction of the Jewish chapel at West Point.

JWV welcomes veterans of all wars (past and present) to sign on and be counted, whether or not they can be active at the present time.