Just the facts

Just the facts

It is time for the world to get the facts straight. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Palestinian leadership lives in luxury on the millions of dollars of aid sent to the Palestinians. Israel allows ample supplies of food, medical supplies, and all necessities for normal living into Gaza via the crossing checkpoints. The only items not allowed into Gaza are those that can be used to manufacture explosives and rockets.

The American people will not be fooled. Americans are risking their lives fighting the Muslim terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Iran and Syria, enemies of America have sworn to annihilate the democratic State of Israel, a true friend of our country.

Our Coast Guard, Navy, and Air Force are on strong alert to intercept any attempts by terrorists to smuggle weapons, and will board any transport involved in this effort. We know that Iran has developed long-range missiles. The chief of Hezbollah in Lebanon last week boasted that Iran has supplied long-range missiles to Lebanon.

They now want their long-range missiles to reach their allies, the Hamas in Gaza. Do we not recall a fully loaded ship with bombs, missiles, guns and other weapons from Iran to Gaza? All media showed the weapons as they were displayed by Israel. Thousands of Iranian missiles have already exploded on the State of Israel. Israel is not going to commit suicide to please European nations by allowing these long-range missiles to land in Gaza.

Fifteen million tons of humanitarian supplies enter Gaza from Israel, plus millions of dollars. Occasionally, on TV, we get a view of a Gaza market plus loads of fruits, vegetables, and other supplies. The final fallacy in this entire tragic affair is that the trucks loaded with goods reached the Gaza checkpoint and Hamas refused them entry. So who is concerned about the well-being of the citizens of Gaza? Where do the tens of millions of dollars go after they reach Gaza?

Let us not forget: These terrorists, haters of our American way of life, have already infiltrated our country.