Jump for joy at Rockland fundraiser

Jump for joy at Rockland fundraiser

The Reform Temple of Rockland invites religious school students to take the “Jump for ‘Joy-Ful’ Judaism” jump rope challenge, on Sunday, August 23, at 10:45 a.m. The socially distanced challenge is in the shul parking lot. Participants will get an RTR jump rope and pledge to jump a minimum of 100 times to help feed needy Rockland families. The children will set their own goals and secure donations for them. Those who meet their goals will get an additional $25 donation from the shul. Proceeds will go to People to People and the Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry. Participants will get free treats from a visiting ice cream truck.

The shul is 330 North Highland Ave. (Route 9W) in Upper Nyack. Participants must park their cars in every other spot in the parking lot and wait there.

RTR offers a free religious school education for all students in pre-K through 12th grade. Online classes start September 13. For more information on the event or the school, email Brad Zicholtz, its director of educational learning, at brad@RTRny.org, or leave a message at (845) 358-2248.

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