Joy and nightmares

Joy and nightmares

What a joy to open the Sept. 19 letters page and see so many female writers expressing themselves.

More, please!

And more, please, on the campaign to deny women our reproductive rights.

Why have you not yet run a cover story on a government proposal to reclassify contraception as a form of abortion? Do readers understand what is at risk?

Dr. Waldo L. Fielding, in his New York Times article “Repairing The Damage Before Roe,” describes the medical nightmares he had to deal with in emergency rooms when women had no choices. Are readers familiar with these?

A girl I went to high school with died in agony shortly before graduation because of an illegal abortion. I was co-editor of the yearbook, and the most I could do was to put a black border around her picture. Unsubstantiated rumors suggested the father was a relation.

Do we want to return to these days?

Jewish women were at the forefront of fighting for women’s rights. We deserve a bigger presence than just the letters page about our concerns.

Please put these issues on the front cover and main pages of this publication.