JFS of North Jersey not imperiled

JFS of North Jersey not imperiled

Last week’s article entitled “Major changes ahead at major Jewish charity” captured many of UJA Federation’s plans for the coming year. However, we must correct a major inaccuracy in the story: we never indicated that the “continued existence” of the Jewish Family Service of North Jersey was being studied.

The merger of two former federations created a new federation – UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey. The community we now serve covers the regions served by both predecessor federations. Because this new region includes two Jewish Family Service agencies – both independent, and both with long histories of providing top quality service to their communities – we appointed a committee chaired by a past federation president to explore cost-effective models of operation that would serve the entire northern New Jersey area. What we said to the Standard was that “we’re encouraged by the progress being made.” It is definitely not a case where one or the other agency will go out of existence.

We want to make it absolutely clear that our federation is doing exactly what it is supposed to, i.e., working with its partners to ensure that needs are met throughout the community and that efficiencies are identified and implemented.