Jews go gaga for Gaga

Jews go gaga for Gaga

Lady Gaga has invaded the Jewish community!

For those not familiar with Gaga, Wikipedia to the rescue.

Gaga’s breakout hit, “Pokerface,” has been the subject of a couple parodies, all aptly dubbed “Kosherface.”

This version showcases a slew of Members of the Tribe to a rocking remix.

Ashley Faith took her parody to a new level with an original video of herself portraying the Fame Monster.

Stephanie here wrote her own parody called “Jewish Romance.”

And here is what sounds like a Yiddish version of “Bad Romance.” Any mavens out there who can verify this and tell us how accurate the translation is?

But perhaps the best example of Lady Gaga’s influence in the Jewish community? Watch this video of a chasidic wedding using a Gaga song to introduce the newly married couple. This seems so out of place. First, it looks like a Satmar wedding, how many of the guests recognize it? And the music uses part of the song “Bad Romance,” what kind of omen is that for a marriage?

This is The Big Lipowsky saying keep on rockin’.

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