Jewish Staten Island Residents Targeted in Attacks

Jewish Staten Island Residents Targeted in Attacks

Jews in Staten Island have been targeted in a string of attacks using paint gun pellets.

Was it a hate crime or not? The NYPD is investigating this latest series of attacks on innocent victims; some of them Jewish, in two quiet neighborhoods in Staten Island.  A Jewish religious man walking with his wife and son were the first ones hit. The next morning, a woman walking her dog was shot at six times. There were two other incidents that day including an older woman shot in her thigh followed by two teenagers. Each of them were aching with wounds the size of baseballs with their own story to tell. Not only did the paintballs hurt them but also splattered yellow or green paint all over their clothes.

As a result, these people are afraid to walk alone.

Here is another news story you can watch about the attacks.


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