Jewish federations combine under a new umbrella group

Jewish federations combine under a new umbrella group

Say goodbye to the New Jersey State Association of Jewish Federations.

That umbrella body, which led federation lobbying in Trenton, is being replaced by a new group called New Jersey Jewish Federations. This new group will represent the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey and five other federations in the state; other federations are expected to sign up before too long.

Unlike the state association, which had its own governing board, the new body will report directly to the participating federations. And its scope is planned to extend beyond government relations.

“It will be convening the federations along collective issues,” Jason Shames said. Mr. Shames is the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey. “Ideally, it can get sophisticated enough one of these days to talk about how we collectively market.”

Mr. Shames said the change, which takes effect with the new fiscal year on July 1, reflects “a need to refocus and make a little more streamlined and try to improve some efficiencies. The federation execs have recognizes that we’re in a different era right now and need to be a little more nimble. With the rise in hate and bias crime, working more closely with Trenton makes a lot of sense.”

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