J Street on Iran, Obama

J Street on Iran, Obama

In Ben Cohen’s “Obama and J Street trading on lies” (February 20) there were distortions about J Street that I would like to rectify.

J Street was formed to create a pro-Israel and pro-peace movement here in the United States, and we have praised the Obama administration in its efforts to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

J Street sees negotiations as the only way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. We don’t know the details of a final agreement yet. How does Mr. Cohen know such an agreement enables Iran to develop a weapon? It seems like the alternative he advocates is attacking Iran militarily, which is liable to start another Middle East war.

Instead of focusing on the goal of negotiating a two-state solution and the prevention of a nuclear-armed Iran, Cohen seems intent on bringing about a single Palestinian majority state and an Iran more committed than ever to attain nuclear weapons in order to defend itself