J Street danger

J Street danger

Ben Cohen’s column, ” ‘Jewish state’ considerations aren’t new” (March 28), in last week’s Standard was perhaps the most well-thought out piece I’ve read in a long time. As Jews we face as much danger from inside as does Israel.

In World War II the Dutch had their famous turncoat, whose name became synonymous with treachery. Today we have J Street performing the same. They are the same as the “black hats” who stand on the sidelines during the Salute to Israel Parade in New York, holding placards calling for the destruction of Israel.

Unfortunately the administration in Washington seems to be taking its cue from this minority. Secretary of State John Kerry has said, and top levels of the administration have concurred, that declaring Israel as a Jewish state is not necessary to reach an accord with the so-called “Palestinians.”

While the Muslim countries refuse to acknowledge that fact, Obama, Kerry and J Street conveniently overlook the reality that Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are all officially designated as “Islamic Republics.”

Add to that the fact that the Arab League, consisting of some 22 Arab nations, is designated “Arab” and you can only wonder what the problem is with designating Israel as a Jewish state.

The plain and simple truth of the matter is that Kerry and Obama know they can pressure Israel whereas the Arab states will tell them to %##@-off. As soon as the appearance of an accord raises its head Hamas attacks, Israeli civilians are killed, Abbas raises new demands, and our administration tucks its tail between its legs and demands Israel make more concessions.

While Jonathan Pollard rots in prison for 29 years (and he did deserve some punishment), administration after administration refuses to consider his case. At the same time they join demands for the release from Israeli prisons of terrorists and those who have killed women and children, bombed hospitals and schools, attacked buses and shopping centers.

Because they know if they put pressure on Abbas, the Arab states will tell them to %#$@-off.

It’s way past time that we, as Jews and Americans, tell the administration to play honest broker and deal a fair hand instead of one from the bottom of the deck. Let’s have some comment from our elected officials in the Administration, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Let’s have them declare the BDS movement for what it is…anti-Semitic.