It’s not her business

It’s not her business

At first I too was gripped by “Drafts of Wrath” (Editorial, March 14). In the end I determined that this issue is similar to others that I have read or experienced recently. In two words, it is about personal struggles. Whether reading about women/girls and tefillin or watching the movie “The Rabbis’ Daughters,” it is all about personal struggles.

There is not a living being who is untouched by personal struggle. We can debate their purpose or worthiness but in the end the hardships are in our lives. Sometimes they are self-created and sometimes they are not. Perhaps because of all I’ve read or in spite of it, I’ve determined that I don’t want my personal struggles scrutinized. Therefore who am I to sit in judgment of others when I have no clue how or why they have come to their determinations and actions.

Of course I have feelings of what I will and will not support, but in the end, I feel I have a moral and ethical obligation to mind my own business. My only obligation is to promote ahavat Yisrael, and I will do that out loud while encouraging myself to withhold judgment of my fellow Jewish people. I will not promote negativity but choose to accentuate the positive. My hope is that more Jews will make the same choice.