It’s always our fault

It’s always our fault

Ron Kampeas’ May 9 article, “Whose fault is it?” reminds me of a story that explains whose fault it is.

Off in the not-too-distant future, the world finally has come up with a solution of how best to handle Jewish issues on the planet Earth. They build massive space ships, fill them with all kinds of supplies, and ship all the Jews off to the other side of the moon. About 25 years later, a delegation from Earth travels to the other side of the moon. After the perfunctory salutations, the Jewish leader asks the delegation what their mission here on the moon might be. The leader begins to tell the Jews that men and women of Earth are dying in the thousands from new ailments. There are no remedies. Businesses are failing in the billions of dollars because there is no guidance. Morals and ethics are concepts that haven’t been used in a quarter of a century. In short, Earth’s human population is self destructing – and it’s all the fault of the Jews.

The Roman emperor Hadrian lived almost 2,000 years ago. He had all the riches of the world at his beck and call. He hated the Jewish people. In one story, he punishes a Jew who failed to greet him, and then punishes another Jew who wished him well. When asked what the logic was for his punishing both men, he replied: “You wish to give me advice on how to kill my enemies?”

The Jews always will be blamed. There is never a good reason and there is never a way to get around it or away from it. Jewish hatred is millennia old and will not end anytime soon. It is hate for the sake of hate. So if the world body hates us anyway, then we may as well do what we need to do to safeguard our own lives by ourselves and for ourselves and to hell with what anyone thinks.

I would rather be alive and safe because I have been protected by Jews then living with a false illusion of safety from those who appear to be my friends.