Israel’s Most Beautiful Spring – By Drone

Israel’s Most Beautiful Spring – By Drone

Watch this breathtaking bird's eye view of the Ein Bubin Spring - tribute to Danny Gonen, who was murdered visiting the natural wonder last month.

This video was produced to honor the memory of 25 year old Danny Gonen, who was shot point blank by a terrorist in June 2015 while he was hiking with a friend to the  Ein Bubin spring. The scenes on the video are vibrant and picturesque. The music is enchanting. Danny loved living in Israel. And according to Uri Ariel, the Minister of Agriculture, the natural spring will be renamed in his memory.

Danny Gonen and his friend, Netanel Hadad went to the spring and were flagged down at a nearby junction by a Palestinian man asking whether there was water in the spring. A few minutes later, the Arab man called to them to stop their car again. This time, the terrorist shot them point blank range. Danny was severely wounded. His friend tried to save Danny’s life.

25 year old Danny Gonen was an electrical engineering student and one of five siblings. He loved nature. He loved Israel.


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