Israelis and their chickpeas

Israelis and their chickpeas

Adam Sandler’s character in the movie “You don’t mess with the Zohan” spread hummus on everything, used it to put out a fire, and even brushed his teeth with it. Let’s face it, you can’t avoid the chickpea when you go to Israel.

Some Israeli scientists are working to make the legume even more ubiquitous, however, with the invention of chickpea milk. It’s like soy milk but, well, made from chickpeas.

Dr. Shmuel Galili, from the Agricultural Research Organization, explained to YNet:

“Chickpeas, unlike other crops like soy beans, are a local Israeli crop, and we want to encourage farmers to increase their yield. We are not familiar with such a development anywhere in the world, and hope it will develop into a true substitute to soy milk.”

What do you think? Is chickpea milk the next big health-food craze?

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