Israeli Clubs & Hoops Team Takes Silver [VIDEO]

Israeli Clubs & Hoops Team Takes Silver [VIDEO]

The Israeli Clubs & Hoops team has won the silver medal in Baku. Watch them right here.

Israel’s Group Clubs & Hoops team has taken home a silver medal in Baku. And is that Mordechai Ben David’s ‘Yiddin’?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the fusion of art and sport combined with dance elements, ballet and music. Since the beginning of its development, European gymnasts belong to the best gymnasts worldwide. Therefore, a European Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics can undoubtedly be compared to a World Championships or even a final competition organized during the Olympic Games.

The competition at Baku 2015 will start on 15 June and end on 20 June. The discipline consists of 14 medal events, with 179 athletes competing for gold in individual and team events.

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