Israeli army to lessen pot penalties

Israeli army to lessen pot penalties

Good news for Israeli soldiers worrying about going one toke over the line: The line has been redrawn at five smokes of the evil weed.

The IDF traditionally has been tougher than civilian courts on off-duty marijuana usage, but now it’s modifying its policy.

Now, soldiers caught with any illegal drugs face a court-martial and a month in prison. This gives them a criminal record, which is a drag on post-service employment.

Under the new plan, Haaretz reported, off-duty soldiers caught smoking pot off base instead will be put on probation, which includes required drug tests and good behavior.

The military prosecutor’s office said the IDF’s longstanding hardline war on drugs takes between 40 and 50 percent of the resources of the country’s military police intelligence and has not proven effective.

The use of drugs on base will continue to be prosecuted.

This comes as Israel seeks to assume a leading role in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

Light up nation, anyone?


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