Israel should not hold back

Israel should not hold back

I am sick and tired of the “international community” calling for restraint from Israel in its response to terror attacks. These “peace at any cost to Israel” voices are once again being heard as Israel responds to the brutal murder of three teenage boys.

What threat were these youngsters to anyone? The Hamas supermen praised the kidnappings, and I’m sure they feel the same way about the murders. They are cowards who strike only the defenseless.

The world is quick to condemn Israel and call for restraint, but their voices, including that of our President Barack Hussein Obama, are silent in cases such as this. Perhaps his response to Benghazi is indicative of his moral fiber.

They understand only one thing and that is when they are made to hurt more than they are hurting. When Americans such as Terry Anderson and Joe Cicippio were kidnapped in Lebanon and held captive for years, we sent strong protests. That really scared the kidnappers.

Emboldened, the terrorists kidnapped three Russians. Russia demanded their immediate release. In response they murdered one of the Russian captives. Russia ceased all diplomatic efforts to free their captive citizens. Instead they sent in Spetsnaz, the Russian Special Forces.

Their response was brutal. They wiped out the entire families of the suspected kidnappers/killers. The next day the remaining Russians were freed and no Russian was touched again.

Americans will not resort to such a brutal response. Nor will Israel. But it points out that these cowardly terrorists only understand one thing – harsh retribution. A measured response will never do the trick. Those who call for restraint do so from the comfort of their living rooms or offices and have no idea of the reality of terrorism. They condemn Israel because they can. It’s become the popular thing to do.

Families of shaheed (martyrs) encourage their boys and girls to become suicide bombers because they receive hefty compensation from Arab governments, including Saudi Arabia. Imagine their response if their own lives were put at risk because little Ahmed decided to become a shaheed.

Israel was born in the hope of peaceful compromise. It has asked for peace since 1948 and has only been met with violence. Those calling for Israeli restraint are too ignorant or bigoted to understand this.